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Welcome to Your New Experience

Prospective Client,

Our teams and systems are orchestrated to provide you the cognizance of hiring a full in-house marketing staff. You may email your dedicated account manager anytime and receive a timely response alongside same-day submissions for requests in nearly all circumstances. ROI is the first metric in mind. Cut wasteful costs, lengthy phone conversations, untrained content teams, and more that are costing you thousands every year, potentially millions in growth. We build brands by focusing on creating quality products & systems.

This Proposal has been specifically curated for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for an all-inclusive solution to develop and deploy creative assets throughout brand marketing channels. The number of hours covered in this project will allow our team to take over some of the many hats needed to keep the business afloat.
Sincerely, Patrick T. Cooper


Investment & Timing

The aforementioned line items in this proposal and their prices are contingent upon this limited scope of work. We reserve the right to update pricing upon additional line items added to this limited scope of work.


Mid-size Business Package

Our Mid-size Business Package is designed for businesses looking to expand their online presence. For a total of $15,000 ($7,500 initial investment), you will receive 65 agency hours at $230 per hour. This package includes:

  • Creative direction and consulting: 22 consulting hours for creative direction and consulting, including leading and directing the creative team in the production of all marketing collateral, overseeing profitability, deliverables, timelines, and budgets, and meeting with clients or upper management to explain campaign strategies and solutions.
  • Website UI/UX design and development: 22 billable hours for website UI/UX design and 22 billable hours for website development. This includes a brand discovery session, a detailed sitemap skeleton, and a high fidelity wireframe for both desktop and mobile. We will create an aesthetic, functional website design layout that meets your requirements and makes it easy for your programmers to build. The service includes a design walk-through session and two critique sessions for the design. Any changes made after this or during the development phase will incur an additional fee. All items designed will be granted copyright access to the client's company.
  • Social media marketing: Our team will brainstorm and research the target audience to create a minimum of 90 social media posts, including story posts for Facebook and Instagram over three months. We will also assist in building the brand's audience and engaging with them through likes, follows, and comments on viral posts. Post-campaign launch maintenance will also be provided. (10 hours)
  • Content creation and distribution: 10 billable hours for content creation and distribution, including the creation of ads, flyers, social media posts, emails, text messages, and copywriting on the client's behalf using copyright-free media, artificial intelligence-generated media, and media provided by the client. Our content will be distributed across multiple social media channels, email campaigns via Mailchimp, Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Dedicated content creator: 6 billable hours for dedicated content creator services, where our team will provide graphic and video design services to create all creative assets for web, social, email, and physical marketing collateral.
  • Email campaign management: 5 billable hours for email campaign management, where we will create and send bi-weekly email blasts to current email subscribers to promote events or active deals/promotions. We will also re-brand automated emails such as thank you for booking emails, how was your experience emails, share and earn points emails, and other emails that fit website functionalities. Additionally, we will enable login and sign up with Facebook.

Our Mid-size Business Package is the perfect solution for businesses looking to expand their online presence with a comprehensive plan that includes all the necessary services to take their brand to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our Mid-size Business Package and how we can help you achieve your branding goals.

$15,000 Total | $7,500 Initial Investment
Total Price To Start Project: $7500

Let's Take the Next Step

Prospective Client,

We would like to thank you again for the confidence shown in our company by reviewing our proposal. Our approach will provide continuous delivery, and the best value for the brand. Below are added recommendations for support and the rollout of the described project. Our marketing and development teams are in place and eager to begin work on your project. This includes finalizing requirements, user stories, and content, and scheduling weekly calls. If everyone agrees that this approach is agreeable for the brand we would like to propose launching of online presence in the next 28 to 42 days (4-6 Weeks).
Patrick T Cooper
CEO = Chief Encouragement Officer

Make Your Decision

Utilizing the history & ethics that the client has garnered through excellent service & products that active customers love, we will make it easier for customers to engage both socially & on the web. This will be done by the strategic implementation of a funnel that meets users in the places that are already located online. This funnel will be built to promote each customer up the brand’s value ladder ( Ie. the lowest priced product – Chef Holly’s Vinaigrette up to event & catering design). This ensures that the cost of acquiring new customers is justified by the amount of products/ services sold to each customer during their life cycle.

I need more time to decide.

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Our payment plan involves an initial payment of 50%, followed by a second payment of 40% upon completion of the design phase. The final 10% payment is due upon project completion. This ensures client satisfaction at every stage and avoids surprises at the end.

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